11 September 2005

this post will self-destruct. . .

Surely you've seen this by now, but in case you haven't:
"Our users want the world to be as simple, clean, and accessible as the Google home page itself," said Google CEO Eric Schmidt at a press conference held in their corporate offices. "Soon, it will be."
And as a special bonus, all the archives of The Onion are now available online for your perusing. I first heard of America's finest news source one night in college. I was working patrol and walking around with a friend, who said, "Do you read The Onion? No? You should. This week's headlines: 'Secondhand Smoke Linked to Secondhand Coolness.'"

Thanks to Jenna for the link. . . and by the way, have you ever wanted to run for ALA Council? She's recruiting people.

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